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Become a Mental Health Champion

Together we can make a difference

You can gain the necessary skills to help those around you by adding recognised mental health qualifications to your portfolio. You don’t have to be a qualified RMN mental health nurse in order to work in mental health care or to become a Mental Health Champion in the workplace.

  • What is a Mental Health Champion?

    In simple terms, it is someone who does their part to help mitigate the effects of mental health by promoting positivity and potentially providing support.

    You do not need to be an expert in mental health, anyone that takes action to help raise awareness and end stigma can become a champion!

  • Become a Mental Health Champion

    Champions play different roles depending on their qualifications and training. Those without the appropriate training should not give advice and guidance but instead help those suffering by finding suitable support.

    On the other hand, those who have completed training and gained qualifications can offer advice and support themselves, this is where our Mental Health First Aid qualification can make a difference. You can become a point of contact for your colleagues and allow them to seek support.

Be a Mental Health Champion​

Now is the time to take action

Whether you are a business owner, decision-maker, manager, colleague or friend, we must all do our part to help mitigate the effects of Mental Health.

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