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Tips for taking care of your mental wellbeing during lockdown

Covid-19 has made significant changes to each of our daily lives

The list of tips below might help you cope with any mental health issues you are experiencing during lockdown. We’ve also included some government funded online courses at the bottom of the page to help keep you busy during lockdown.

  • Start a new hobby

    Trying out something new can keep you distracted and might prevent you from overthinking about the things that are worrying you.

  • Keep in touch, digitally

    Whether its Zoom, Whatsapp video call, Facetime or Skype, you can keep in touch and have fun with your friends/loved ones via the internet. Quiz night could be the pick me up you need!

  • Content consumption

    Constant updates and stories regarding all the negative news surrounding us can amplify any sad thoughts. Taking a break from the news might just help you feel a little better.

  • Fun and games at home

    From monopoly to charades, having fun with your loved ones at home could be the answer to feeling more positive. Live alone? Try your hand at painting or a jigsaw puzzle.

  • Make new friends online

    There are countless study groups, social media pages or community forums where you can engage and communicate with people you have common interests with.

  • Take time to reflect

    Each day take out some time to reflect on the positive aspects of that day, practising self-compassion may help prevent you from dwelling on unhelpful thoughts.

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