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Why children and young people's mental health matters

Why children and young people’s mental health matters

Understand how to support vulnerable children...

Be a Mental Health Champion​

Be a Mental Health Champion​

Together we can make a difference...

Coronavirus and your mental health and wellbeing

Stress, fear, anxiety and frustration are responses that are currently being echoed across the nation due to the coronavirus pandemic…

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Coronavirus and your mental health and wellbeing​
UK Adults

65% of UK adults aged over 25 with an existing mental health problem reported worse mental health as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


22% with no previous experience of poor mental health now say that their mental health is poor or very poor.

Be a Mental Health Champion​

Be a Mental Health Champion

Gain the necessary skills to help those around you by adding recognised mental health qualifications to your portfolio…

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UK Employees

32% of full-time employees in the UK have suffered from mental health problems while at work.


39% of UK adults admit they feel too stressed in their day to day lives.

Why children and young people's mental health matters

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Why children and young people's mental health matters
UK Pupils

13% of the average school class of 30 pupils could have a mental disorder.


33% rise in referrals to specialist services for pupils needing treatment.

Learn about mental health

Studies have proven that developing your understanding of mental health causes can help make a difference in addressing those problems. Learning will not only help you understand the condition but will give you a sense of pride and achievement once completed.

Transform your mood and outlook by studying mental health via these recommended free online courses:


Download and print our mental health awareness posters.

Share at work, amongst friends, across social media or noticeboards to help those around you.

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