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Why children and young people's mental health matters

Why children and young people’s mental health matters

Understand how to support vulnerable children...

Be a Mental Health Champion​

Be a Mental Health Champion​

Together we can make a difference...

Coronavirus and your mental health and wellbeing

Stress, fear, anxiety and frustration are responses that are currently being echoed across the nation due to the coronavirus pandemic…

Coronavirus and your mental health and wellbeing​
UK Adults

65% of UK adults aged over 25 with an existing mental health problem reported worse mental health as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


22% with no previous experience of poor mental health now say that their mental health is poor or very poor.

Be a Mental Health Champion​

Be a Mental Health Champion

Gain the necessary skills to help those around you by adding recognised mental health qualifications to your portfolio…

UK Employees

32% of full-time employees in the UK have suffered from mental health problems while at work.


39% of UK adults admit they feel too stressed in their day to day lives.

Why children and young people's mental health matters

Why children and young people's mental health matters
UK Pupils

13% of the average school class of 30 pupils could have a mental disorder.


33% rise in referrals to specialist services for pupils needing treatment.

Free mental health courses online

Learn, develop and support others

Counselling Skills

This qualification aims to introduce learners to the use of counselling skills in everyday life and work, and some of the approaches that underpin the use of these skills.

Self harm training free-mental-health-courses-online

Self-harm & Suicide Awareness & Prevention

This qualification is aimed at anyone seeking to improve their understanding and awareness of suicide and self-harm.

Awareness of Mental Health Problems

This qualification is designed for anyone looking to develop their understanding of mental health and the problems that can cause mental ill health.


Children & Young People's Mental Health

Gain a detailed understanding of mental health conditions so you can offer appropriate support when a young person needs someone to turn too.

Behaviour that Challenges in Children

This qualification will provide you with a detailed understanding of behaviour that challenges in children, including how such behaviour can be assessed and the avoidance techniques that can help minimise the effects of behaviour that challenges.


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