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Why children and young people's mental health matters

Mental health problems affect about 1 in 10 children and young people

 However the more worrying statistic is that 70% of these children have not had the appropriate support.

  • Who can provide this support?

    The initial responsibility in recognising whether the child suffers from mental health problems often falls onto the parents.

    With no training or knowledge on mental health it might be difficult for parents to identify if their child needs help.

  • These signs could help you identify if the child needs any support:

    • Avoids other people and prefers to be alone
    • Significant changes in sleeping or eating habits
    • Damaged property or hurts animals
    • Frequent nightmares
    • Feels hopeless and sad
    • Is excessively angry
    • Has lost interest in things they previously enjoyed

Why children and young people's mental health matters

What can parents do to help?

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